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How to Find a Good Quality Roofer Without Hassle

It is a horrible moment when it starts raining both outside and inside your house. Weather it is small leak or a torrential downpour, water seeping in from the ceiling is never a good sign. It means you probably need to talk to a roofer. Roofers are great for any type of repair or installation. They can also be utter nightmares that half-shod their way through the job. In order to avoid bad work and find good quality contractors you need to follow a few steps.

Vet the Roofer

This is an obvious step as most consumers automatically research companies. However, many do not do enough research. A good roofer will be licensed to operate where you live, and they will also carry good insurance. This is a must as it takes away your liability. If a roofer gets hurt or your property is damaged their insurance will take care of it. Also look at the roofer’s recommendations. Any respectable roofer will have recommendations. Ask friends and family first as they are liable to provide you with accurate information. If no one can help you there go to the internet. Pop in roofing repair Minneapolis and hit go. Find any review you can, search forums, and get a good amount of data on the roofer. Good roofers have a positive reputation and rave reviews. Bad roofer have forums dedicated to how terrible they are.

Compare Prices

Never just go with one roofer. Always choose two or three reliable choices to compare to one another. This allows you to get either the best price or the best roofer. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get both. Comparing quotes will reveal the cheapest option. It will also reveal the most expensive. Never base your decision on price. Quotes should always be in the same ballpark, so if there is significant difference find out why. This may reveal something you did not know about the roofer. It could seal or break the deal.

Look for Experience

Roofing businesses that are relatively new always have problems finding consumers. This is because they are untested. When you choose a roofer make sure they are a pro. Experience means they know what they are doing, they have also made mistakes and learned from them. An experienced roofer will provide quality work free of risk.

Check the Contract

Always get everything in writing. Make sure every little detail is covered with no surprises at all. Many consumers have fallen victim to the fine print so really double check everything. Writing also provides you with a record. This gives you proof to use later if you need it.


Many roofers offer warranties. A warranty is a statement of good faith. It means the roofer is so confident in their work, they will cover additional costs if it is not up to snuff. Warranties can be granted any length of lifespan and cover a laundry lists of services.