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Things You Might Want To Ask Your HVAC Contractor About

One of the types of professionals we will have to deal with at some point when we purchase a home is a HVAC contractor. If you have to replace an old unit shortly or immediately after your home purchase then you are probably in store for a stress free time. The only way to really minimize the amount of stress you get from your HVAC unit is to have preventative discussion with an HVAC professional. A few of the things you might want to ask any heating installation services cincinnati oh about include the life expectancy of the unit, the warranty, and maintenance requirements.

Life Expectancy Of The Unit

A long time ago I used to hear that a residential air conditioning unit could last for over 10 years. I’m not sure if that’s still the case, but one thing I do know is that’s a great question for your HVAC contractor. They are familiar with various brands of units and they can explain to you which unit could potentially last longer, saving you money over time. This is also a question you can inquire about when you first move into your new home. If you find out the year make and model of the unit you can do a little research and start planning for a replacement unit. This information may already be available to you from the seller also.

Unit Warranty

Having a warranty on your big ticket items is a must. Even if you find out that your home has an older unit and you can’t possible save up in time for a replacement, you can ask your HVAC contractor about any extended warranty options. Your new HVAC units will definitely need to come with a warranty, and my suggestion is that you get the longest running warranty possible. Even when units get older some of the newer parts will still match, and if you’ve purchased a defective machine, your warranty can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Maintenance Requirements

Always remember to ask your HVAC contractor about what types of maintenance will be involved or suggested over the life of your unit. If it’s extensive and you’ll need to place service calls, inquire about a maintenance contract. Having the contractor who installed your unit complete the maintenance is a double win because they already know everything about a unit from when they installed it. If your contractor does not offer a maintenance contract or if it’s too pricy you can ask for a recommendation of a different HVAC contractor. Always remember that the money you are spending to maintain your HVAC unit is to help prevent premature replacement and breakdowns.


Take advantage of the contact you have with your HVAC contractor. Ask as many questions as possible. Learn as much as you can about your new unit so you can help preserve the life of the unit as much as possible. Some of the questions you could ask about the unit include the life expectancy, warranty, and maintenance needs.